Paul Rodgers has enjoyed a storied career, one you might think would merit his induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. But according the singer, he's been asked about joining the Rock Hall in the past and turned it down.

While appearing on The Eddie Trunk Podcast, Rodgers confirmed that he'd previously been asked his interest in the Rock Hall, turning it down as a possibility "a couple of times" in his career.

The singer is likely best known for his stint with Bad Company in the '70s, but prior to that he earned success in the band Free. The '80s saw him opting for a solo career, then teaming up with Jimmy Page for two albums with The Firm. He's also performed with The Law, fronted Queen for a period and has reunited with Bad Company as well.

“Years and years ago, Ahmet Ertegun who was the head of Atlantic Records [and the Rock Hall's co-founder] said to me, ‘Paul, we’re making this museum of rock 'n' roll. Do you guys want to be part of it?’ And I said, ‘What, a museum of rock 'n' roll? What’s it called?’ He said, ‘The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.’”

Sharing his stance, he added, “I don’t think rock 'n' roll belongs in a museum."

Though the Rock Hall includes a who's who of legendary musicians, many of which were Rodgers peers through the course of his success, the singer adds, “It doesn’t affect my daily life. It doesn’t affect what I do in any way at all."

So while there have been snubs by the Rock Hall over the years, it appears as though Rodgers absence is of his own choice.

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These days, Rodgers is promoting his new Midnight Rose album. The singer told Trunk he has "no plans to tour," but his wife noted that they "might tape something acoustically for the fans."  During a recent interview with CBS Mornings, Rodgers revealed a series of health problems that included a series of strokes that left him unable to speak for three years. The singer eventually regained his voice, and has now returned with his new solo album.

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