With Our Arms to the Sun just revealed another killer track from their upcoming full-length, Orenda. The album’s second track, “Memory: The Drift” was premiered earlier today via MetalSucks.

Earlier this year, we premiered the new WOATTS track “Macrocosm - Prometheus” through Loudwire’s YouTube channel. Reception was hugely positive for the Arizona psychedelic wizards and it looks like people are taking notice. “Memory: The Drift” is yet another flight through the cosmos filled with epic chanting, dense leads and constant dynamic shifts.

When we caught up with With Our Arms to the Sun in late 2015, frontman Josh Breckenridge spoke about what would become Orenda. “The majority of the songs that I composed for this record were written under real extreme conditions; touring with bands where you’re getting paid nothing and eating peanut butter and jelly, being forced to stand outside in the snow and s–t,” Breckenridge told us.

The musician added, "When you’re in those scenarios, it’s just anger. If I’m writing something and I want someone to feel angry, I don’t want them to have to analyze it. I want them to hear it and to have it well up. We study a lot of spiritual books, philosophical psychology, things like that. It was like, ‘How can I delve into my own psychology? How can I take this instrument and do what I’m doing for my voice?' I’ve never seen anyone do that. I figured, why not?”

With Our Arms to the Sun’s Orenda will be released April 21. However, if you grab the record through the band’s Pledge Music page, you will receive a digital copy of the album immediately.

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