Wolfgang Van Halen, the current bassist of Van Halen who happens to be the son of guitarist Eddie Van Halen, has shed some light on just how much influence he had on the band’s new album, ‘A Different Kind of Truth.’

Wolfgang tells Guitar World Magazine (via Van Halen News Desk), “I knew that Van Halen had this incredible catalog of music they’ve recorded and written that nobody has ever heard. Some people have heard a few of the unreleased demos, but there’s so much more that they haven’t. When you walk into the studio there are endless shelves of recordings. I grabbed a bunch of random tapes and picked out a few songs that I had known and liked. We started changing them around and writing new parts for them. We recorded the first demo of 'She’s the Woman' in August 2009, and it felt really awesome.”

He goes on to say, “It felt like classic Van Halen that was written today. It had the right next of old and new. Then everything started falling together and we went to work on more songs.”

Wolfgang also talked about being a co-producer on the record, explaining, “I guess dad likes to think of me as some sort of leader now." He continues, “I assumed that position. For a while people were going, 'Okay, Wolf, shut up. You’re coming up with too much. Chill out.' I was just so excited, but a lot of it was just because I thought something else might sound good and we should try it.”

Wolfgang will hit the road with his dad and the rest of Van Halen later this year for a few dates in Japan.

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