If you saw the awesome Iron Maiden documentary, 'Flight 666,' you may recognize these tattoos. They belong to a Brazilian Evangelical preacher, who goes by the name 'Pastor Iron Maiden.'

The most recent report on Pastor Iron Maiden shows that he now has at least 172 separate Iron Maiden tattoos on that gorgeous body of his. Among the pastor's tattoos are a bunch of different variations of Iron Maiden mascot Eddie, including one on the pastor's chest inspired by the 'Piece of Mind' album cover. Instead of Eddie being chained inside a padded cell however, he's now attempting to escape from the grasp of the pastor's nipples and belly button.

Although this guy is a total bad ass, his 'Piece of Mind' tattoo looks more like a piece of … well, you know. One thing he has over all of us however, is that no matter how much you love Maiden, this guy effing worships them.

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