Something about this Pantera tattoo seems a little off. The Earth looks pretty good and the 'Cowboys From Hell' logo isn't too awful, but who the hell tattooed the band members' faces?

Let's go from right to left. Did Rex Brown just get punched in the side of the face a la the 'Vulgar Display of Power' album cover? Because the right side of his face has completely shut down. Obviously this poor soul chose a tattoo artist specializing in goofy faces -- as seen on Phil Anselmo to the left of Rex. The Pantera frontman looks like a poor man's Lex Luther instead of the heavy metal icon that he is.

Next up we've got drummer Vinnie Paul, who looks pretty good compared to his other bandmates and is holding a near-empty bottle of booze. Much like our outlook on this tattoo, the bottle is certainly not half-full. Oh, the irony. Last up is the late, great guitarist Dimebag Darrell, whose trademark dyed red beard looks more like Gene Simmons' tongue. Might want to watch your arm there Vinnie.