Wovenwar, formed from the ashes of As I Lay Dying following Tim Lambesis' conviction and prison sentence, will release Honor Is Dead, their sophomore album, this Friday (Oct. 21). With "World on Fire" and "Censorship" already out, they've given fans another taste of what's to come with the lyric video (above) for the hook-intensive "Lines in the Sand."

Melodic guitar playing opens up the song, layered with filters and buried in the mix, exploding after a brief pause and a significant boost in volume. Exchanging the more tranquil moments for a rhythmic throwdown and throat-ripping scream from Shane Blay, the song retreats to calmer moments on the front half of the verse.

Blay's precise delivery is highly emotive as the intensity picks up with a rolling rhythm, setting up the soaring and incredibly catchy chorus. The refrain aligns itself more with hooks rooted in hard rock, an element Wovenwar strongly hinted at on their debut record. Fans looking for more aggressive moment will find favor with the bridge that sees Blay throw in a bit more grit before the fret-flying solo.

Speaking with Billboard (who premiered the song), guitarist Nick Hipa offered his thoughts on "Lines in the Sand," explaining it takes a look into “inheriting your view of the world based on where you were born and you inherit your allies and your enemies based on what line in the sand you found yourself being born in." Going on, he added, "We normally try not to be too political or current-event of a band. Not because we’re not interested in it, but it’s so easy with music to have your stance misinterpreted. Previously we avoided that, but this song I think is applicable to what’s going on in the world."

Delving a bit further, the axeman said, "Respect for one another and common sense and reason fair outweighs an allegiance to a flag that you’re born under. I think that’s how we view everything — politics, religion — down to basic principles of respecting human life, and trying to understand one another and living peacefully."

Again, Honor Is Dead will be out Oct. 21 and fans can place their pre-orders through the Metal Blade webstore, with a host of different options to explore. Wovenwar are currently on the road supporting Soilwork alongside UnearthBattlecross and Darkness Divided. The trek ends Nov. 16 and a list of remaining dates can be found here.

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