With the Oct. 21 release of their sophomore album Honor is Dead less than two weeks away, Wovenwar have unleashed the new track "World on Fire." You can listen to the song and watch a drum play through video featuring Jordan Mancino above.

Loudwire recently spoke with guitarist Nick Hipa about the album, and he told us, "With this album, we knew that it was going to be a lot more aggressive and a little bit more intense. I think musically and lyrically there was just a lot of weight that we wanted to get off of ourselves. I think that comes off just in the form of aggression and I think we captured that."

Hipa continues, "Everybody contributed and lent their talents to something that all seems to be pretty congruent. So think we achieved what we always want to achieve, which is really representing ourselves and capturing who we are and what we have to offer. So yeah, I’m proud of it."

Later this week Wovenwar will embark on the Fury Tour with SoilworkUnearth, Battlecross and Darkness Divided. The first show is this Friday, Oct. 14 in Providence, R.I. The band recently announced the exit of guitarist Phil Sgrosso.

Mancino was interviewed by Alternative Press and elaborated on Sgrosso's exit. "We just wanted to go in different directions, in terms of touring commitments," the drummer says. "It was something that we talked about like adults and understood each other’s perspectives. Right now, because he was still a big part of the creative process making Honor Is Dead—and we’ve yet to tour—it feels like business as usual, but we’ll see how his absence affects things as we move forward."