Black Label Society frontman Zakk Wylde is known for his gritty voice, heavy riffs and loud stage presence. The band just wrapped up their Gigantour trek with Megadeth and they are gearing up for the release of the live CD and DVD ‘Unblackened,’ which is due out Sept. 24.

We had the chance to catch up with the hilarious Wylde before his ‘Unblackened’ media event in New York City. He spoke about the 'Unblackened' DVD as well as his buddies on the recent Gigantour. Moreover, Wylde waxed philosophical on his links to Kim Kardashian and Richard Simmons.

What aspects about the ‘Unblackened’ DVD for you captures the whole Black Label Society experience?

Well we have a full on live sex show while the band’s playing [laughs] and we have the sex show and there are various things. We have a younger couple in their twenties, then a couple in their forties but then we also bring out the naughty and ninety couple [laughs]. It is amazing what Viagra can achieve. It’s quite the experience, a family affair as you can see – it captures all the different genres and generations.

Besides the amazing and eclectic sex shows, what are some other significant highlights of the DVD for you?

Well with Black Label we’ve always done mellow songs on the records – with Zeppelin as much as I love ‘Black Dog’ I want to listen to ‘Going to California.’ We had the two previous DVDs and our Black Label family it was just like, “Would you guys consider doing a show with the mellow stuff,” and thinking about it we were like, “Let’s just do that.”

A lot of these songs never see the light of day and I don’t know why, we’re happy with the way they came out on the record. That was probably the last time we played them, when they were recorded. Especially with the ['Pride & Glory'] stuff which was ’94 and the 'Book of Shadows' in ’96, it’s been a while and it was definitely fun re-visiting them.

How was the whole Gigantour experience for you?

Dave [Mustaine] invited us out on the thing, I’ve always seen Dave but we never really got a chance to do any gigs together. I knew father Draiman since he was doing the Disturbed thing on the Ozzfest. We’re just all good buddies.  It’s basically one gigantic high school reunion, fully dysfunctional, everybody’s just hanging out.

You were in Loudwire’s Greatest Metal Guitarist tournament. You had a good run but you eventually lost to Dimebag Darrell.

[Laughs] Put it this way, there’s nobody better for me to lose to. Dime is the metal king, without a doubt.

Now switching gears a little bit, I’ve got to address this because the last time we spoke, you talked a lot about Kim Kardashian-

I talk about a lot of goofy stuff.

But you spoke about her in an unhealthy amount. Is the Kardashian show a guilty pleasure? Explain.

[Laughs] With lifting weights and everything, one of my friends goes, “Are you jacked up on steroids?”  I go, “Yeah, roids, egg whites and Kimmy Kardashian quick trim.” [Laughs] Richard Simmons is my life coach and my power lifting guru and I do work out in the short shorts - the candy striper ones, for sure.

I might regret asking this, but what is the workout regimen?

It’s just looking at various pictures of Kim Kardashian and lifting as much iron as possible, while Richard Simmons screams at you. [Laughs]

That’s the worst image I could possibly imagine.

Oh it ain’t pretty but it gets results. [Laughs]

Zakk Wylde in candy stripe workout shorts, now that’s the DVD we need to see. In the meantime, you can pre-order Black Label Society's 'Unblackened' DVD or CD via Amazon.