Stalkers are always scary but they become terrifying when they get a little too up close and personal and start leaving "tokens" of "their affection" on the doorstep of the object of their obsession. Guitarist Zakk Wylde, a tough, buff and burly man that we wouldn't want to mess with, has filed for a restraining order against his neighbor, 20, claiming that the young person has been stalking and harassing him for quite some time. The stalker took things a step further by leaving a "sacrifice" or a token on Wylde's doorstep.

TMZ reports that Wylde called police after an incident took place at his home. The cops responded by placing said neighbor in a hold for 72 hours so that he could undergo further mental evaluations.

TMZ also posted a photo of said sacrifice, which was a signature, black and yellow "Bullseye" guitar played by Wylde. A visor, a red and blue flannel shirt, a tire and purple Post It notes were placed on the guitar, which looked like it had some red splatter on it. It's creepy, to say the least.

It was also more than enough reason for a judge in LA County Superior Court to approve a temporary restraining order for Wylde. The neighbor must stay at least 100 yards away from Wylde and his family. Looks like the neighbor won't be knocking on the door and asking to borrow a cup of sugar from the Family Wylde anytime soon.

Both Wylde and the neighbor are scheduled to appear in court next Friday to attempt to settle the matter.

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