This week's Loud List is dedicated to the Metal God himself, Judas Priest vocalist Rob Halford. Perhaps no vocalist in recent history has been able to greater captivate an audience through powerful high shrieks, so we've rounded up 10 of Halford's finest moments spanning nearly four decades.

We begin the shrieking retrospective back in 1975 with a televised performance of Priest's "Dreamer Deceiver." Back when Halford still had his long, flowing locks of hair, he was pushing the limits of falsetto screaming. Halford's old school (and very clean cut) look can also be seen in a 1978 jam of "Exciter."

Once we hit 1982, the leather-clad Judas Priest emerges. During one of Rob Halford's all-time greatest nights, the Metal God delivers phenomenal high screams during "Victim of Changes," "Desert Plains" and "Devil's Child." How can one man harness so much power? The answer is simple: He's not a man!!! He's a God!

We don't restrict Rob Halford's performances to just Judas Priest. We shine the spotlight on "Into the Pit" -- a very underrated track from Rob Halford's '90s band Fight.

Finally, we cap things off with Halford's most forceful vocal delivery in this Loud List. You've heard Halford decimate his high shrieks in "Painkiller," but this clip we found from 2012 is simply ridiculous.

Check out these 10 Amazing Rob Halford High Screams above and be sure to watch more Loud Lists below.

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