Thanks to the Internet, unparalleled levels of weirdness are now available for global consumption at the click of a button. After scouring the Internet for the most bizarre groups we could find, here are 10 Bands You Won’t Believe Actually Exist.

Many of these acts have been labelled “The Weirdest Band in the World” by media outlets, including Estonian rock band Winny Puhh. The 2013 performance you’ll see in this clip features the band dressed like wrestling werewolves hanging upside down while screaming maniacally. Note the spinning two-man drum kit in the back as well. This was actually broadcast on Estonian television in an eliminator for the Eurovision song contest.

Another of our personal favorites is the Radioactive Chicken Heads, a comedic band fronted by a punk rock carrot and backed by an army of chickens. Picture the Dead Kennedys on acid. Another ridiculous act on this list is Mac Sabbath, a Black Sabbath cover band dressed as demonic McDonalds characters who turn Sabbath classics into food-based cuts.

We’ve used the word “band” fairly loosely for this video. The word “music” can hardly be attributed to one of these acts: The Gerogerigegege. The group features a vocalist screaming into a microphone while a vacuum fills in the rest of the sonic space. Oh, and that vacuum may or may not be attached to a man’s genitals. Don’t worry! It’s all pixelated for your viewing enjoyment.

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