Let’s look back on the songs that brought us through this long year. It’s Loudwire’s 10 Best Metal Songs of 2016.

Ghost had a gigantic year in 2016 despite not putting out a full-length album. With the Swedish Satanic cult’s Popestar EP, Ghost delivered one of their best tracks ever with “Square Hammer.” The song has reassured fans of Ghost’s consistency and even turned naysayers into followers. Plus, when you create a music video paying tribute to classic horror, you can’t lose.

Megadeth put forth perhaps their best effort of the 21st century with Dystopia. The team of Mustaine and Ellefson have worked with super-heavyweights of the metal world for decades, but Kiko Loureiro on guitar and Lamb of God’s Chris Adler on drums created one of the most devastating four-pieces in modern metal. Dystopia’s title track is killer, so you’ll see it grab a high spot on this list.

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