The music video format can inform, entertain and a best of all, rock! In 2014, we got a wide array of videos that definitely left their mark on the year that was. Whether it was the intricately animated clips from Monster Magnet, Red Fang and The Offspring, humorous clips from Seether or Bring Me the Horizon or issue-driven pieces from Korn and Five Finger Death Punch, there was a little something for everyone.

After watching some of the year's finest music video work, we feel we've come up with the 10 Best Rock Videos of 2014. So, without further adieu, feast your eyes on the top videos of the year below:

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    'Dividing By Zero / Slim Pickens Does the Right Thing and Rides the Bomb to Hell'

    The Offspring

    The Offspring made a surprise mid-year return with a pretty epic video. The band snagged Anthony F. Schepperd to create an animated clip that surrounded two of their 'Days Go By' tracks -- 'Dividing By Zero' and 'Slim Pickens Does the Right Thing and Rides the Bomb to Hell.' The first part of this impressive video centers on a harried fighter pilot under attack as he attempts to complete his mission, while the latter portion focuses on the literally hellish aftermath of his actions. It's a clip that definitely commands your attention throughout and is worthy of inclusion in the 10 Best Rock Videos of 2014.

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    'Talk S--t, Get Shot'

    Body Count

    Welcome back Body Count! The outfit led by Ice-T announced their return in a "take command" kind of way. Much has changed since Body Count last rocked stages, with the advent of social media and online trash talking becoming more prominent. In this violently humorous clip for 'Talk S--t, Get Shot,' Body Count let everyone know they were having none of that. Watch as Ice-T and his crew take out all trollers one by one.

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    Korn issued a socially conscious track in 2014 with the single 'Hater' and the video takes that message a step further. The group used the video testimonials of their fans who have been bullied over the years and delivered a truly powerful clip. The David Yarovesky-directed clip is striking with its use of soapy white and blood red colors as the subjects in the clip let out the cries of despair. But by the end of the clip, the mood turns upbeat as the subjects embrace their self-value, thus making sure the haters never win.

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    'Electric Halo'


    Beware false prophets … but you can certainly be entertained by their downfall. And that's what you get in the Kyng video for 'Electric Halo.' While the healer in the clip is shown to not be what he appears to be, he gets his comeuppance from an audience member who is definitely more than she appears to be.

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    'Figure It Out'

    Royal Blood

    Royal Blood offer a true mind bender for their video for 'Figure It Out.' The clip plays with perception as the action alters from red hues to blues. At the center of the action is bloodied young woman, who at times seems to be a victim, while other times she comes across as the aggressor. Have fun with this one trying to figure out the motivations of the characters involved.

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    Bring Me the Horizon

    Bring Me the Horizon as cleanly-dressed young rockers making a TV show appearance? Seems like a simple enough concept, but the 'Drown' video evolves into something more complex as it plays out. Add in what seems to be an audience of hospital patients, a drummer undergoing a rather hairy transformation and a nifty Muzak style interlude and 'Drown' gives you one of the more bizarre, yet memorable clips of 2014.

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    'Crows in Swine'

    Red Fang

    Red Fang are a band that truly embrace the video format, delivering some of the best music videos in recent years. 'Crows in Swine' definitely qualifies among their best works, as they go the animated route to tell the story of a young female villager escaping into the woods after a savage tribe invades her community. The cool part of the clip re-imagines the band as totems in the woods that come to life with an idol the girl delivers. Each has super weapons (a barcalounger, a kielbasa, a guitar and a basket of evil kittens) to help defeat the invaders. Watch and enjoy the wicked awesomeness.

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    'Same Damn Life'


    Band keeps rocking all the way to the old age home? No, we're not talking about the Rolling Stones, but rather getting a glimpse at what the future may hold for Seether. Appearing as their elder selves in the 'Same Damn Life' video, the members of Seether can still rock their instruments and haven't lost any of that swagger as they flirt, grind and raise hell with the old folks home audience. Even with plaid jackets, obvious hairpieces and an ironic "Boobies and Ranch" hat, the guys show they've still got it.

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    'Wrong Side of Heaven'

    Five Finger Death Punch

    Five Finger Death Punch have always kept close ties to the military, but they took things a step further in 2014 with the video for 'Wrong Side of Heaven.' The Nick Peterson-directed clip features real life military personnel as actors and addresses the issues of homelessness and post traumatic stress disorder that soldiers often face upon returning home from battle. The moving video hits its mark and the band pulled out all the stops, tying in a campaign that raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for military personnel in need of assistance.

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    'The Duke'

    Monster Magnet

    And that takes us to Monster Magnet, who have Loudwire's top rock video of 2014 with their standout short for 'The Duke.' Helmed by Phil Mucci, the animated video follows the story of a young girl who somehow survives a nuclear bombing only to be taken captive and studied by the military. But this siren has a secret. She's truly a bombshell -- equal parts seductive and explosive -- and all who cross her path better beware. All in all, Monster Magnet's 'The Duke' stands alone as the top rock video of 2014.

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