It can be dangerous integrating rap elements into rock and metal music. Some bands have been the subject of unrelenting criticism thanks to such experimentation, but this just proves when you get it right, you've mastered the art of the crossover.

In these 10 Funky Fresh Rhymes by Non-Rappers, you'll find 10 artists who fused rap into a song despite the hip-hop genre playing almost no part in their full discography. For some of these artists, their rap was so corny that it became amazing, like Faith No More's "Epic." Mike Patton's 'Hip-Hop 101' approach hasn't necessarily aged well, much like his outfit at the 1990 MTV VMAs. However, Patton's b-boy style is undeniably charming as it weaves around one of the catchiest choruses ever.

Let's talk about the "King of the Punks," Johnny Rotten. His career goes far beyond what the Sex Pistols accomplished, leading Johnny to almost every corner of the musical soundscape. His straight-forward vocal approach is almost designed for rap, as he demonstrates in his appearance on Afrika Bambaataa's "World Destruction."

Have you ever heard System of a Down's collaboration with Wu-Tang Clan? Because it "ain't nuthin' to f--- with." On the track "Shame," Serj Tankian's rapid fire approach does the Wu-Tang Clan classic proud. Tankian is untouchable throughout the crossover cut, like he usually is when handling a song with unapologetic weirdness.

Check out 10 Funky Fresh Rhymes by Non-Rappers in the clip above!

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