You kept asking for it in our YouTube comments sections, so here it is! We’ve rounded up the 10 Greatest Riffs from the Godfather of Death Metal, Chuck Schuldiner.

Death are one of the few legendary metal acts to never release an album that was at all disappointing. All seven studio albums are incredible and have received universal praise throughout the years. Chuck Schuldiner was a true master of the riff during his lifetime, so we’re celebrating him by showcasing his most jaw-dropping riffs.

Chuck wasn’t just amazing at writing riffs, but setting them up with crushing preludes. You can hear this best on “The Philosopher” as Schuldiner’s tapping beautifully introduces that crushing palm-muted chord progression. Another masterful use of chords to set a tone can be heard on “Crystal Mountain,” which also makes an appearance in this list.

Some of Schuldiner’s most masterful work is rooted in complexity. One of Chuck’s most inventive riffs comes in the form of “Flesh and the Power It Holds.” It’s as catchy as it is technically proficient, standing out as one of the most memorable pieces on The Sound of Perseverance. Chuck’s chops are also front-and-center in “Trapped in a Corner.” Those opening lines are killer and make a great gateway for intermediate guitarists looking to test their skills at a higher level.

Check out the 10 Greatest Death Riffs in the Loud List above!

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