Industrial is the cybernetic bastard child of rock and metal… and it’s given us some of the most legendary acts of all time!

Industrial could be the most bizarre genre of music to ever receive mainstream acceptance. Its cold and haunting dynamics come together with infectious dance beats and earworm hooks to create an irresistible spawn. In this Loud List, we pay tribute to the 10 acts who, in our opinion, have done it the best.

No industrial list would be complete without the godfather — Al Jourgensen. Uncle Al inspired an entire generation of musicians to chop tape into unholy creations which challenge the boundaries of sound. No band has quite touched Ministry in terms of innovation and bombastic innovation, so we offer a tip of the hat to Al.

In the mainstream, Nine Inch Nails and Marilyn Manson took industrial rock elements to heights they likely won’t see again. Though the ‘90s weren’t the bleakest of times, music lovers craved demented darkness. Trent Reznor kindly obliged by offering soul-crushing depressives like “Wish” along with kink anthems like “Closer.”

Check out our picks for the 10 Greatest Industrial Rock + Metal Acts in the Loud List above!

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