Like most iconic metal acts, Iron Maiden have mastered the art of the almighty riff! Check out our Top 10 picks for the Greatest Iron Maiden Riffs right here.

Want to be transported to NWOBHM heaven? Just pop a copy of Powerslave on your record player. Starting the album strong, Iron Maiden launch right into “Aces High,” rolling, turning and diving with one of heavy metal’s strongest leads. Dive deeper into Powerslave and you’ll find the Egyptian-inspired title track along with perhaps Maiden’s greatest epic ever, “Rime of the Ancient Mariner.”

Fear of the Dark has been seen as a low point in Iron Maiden’s discography, marking the final album from Bruce Dickinson before his return a decade later. However, may we be so bold as to include not one, but TWO, riffs from the album on our list? Oh, we did it! The album’s title track is one obvious inclusion, but can you guess the second entry from Fear of the Dark?

We showed plenty of love to Iron Maiden’s Paul Di’Anno era, as well. One of Maiden’s most daring riffs came from the very first album. Of course, we’re talking about “Phantom of the Opera.” Its a bizarrely timed riff, especially when paired with Di’Anno’s vocal part. We also threw Iron Maiden’s eponymous concert staple in the mix, because how can you pass up that sick riff?

Check out the full Top 10 in the Loud List above!

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