You probably didn't even realize that some of these instruments even existed! Check out these 10 Rock and Metal Bands That Play Weird Instruments!

We’re convinced Primus just means “weird” in some dead language. As one of the most bizarre rock bands to ever garner mainstream acceptance, Primus have done whatever they’ve wanted for over 30 years. One of the various forms of bass Les Claypool breaks out is the whamola. Made with a thin body and a single string, Les plays the whamola with a drumstick while manipulating its pitch with a lever at the top.

Odd instruments exist all throughout the world of folk metal. You can’t bring music back to medieval times without some ancient toys. Eluveitie must lose count of all the strange stuff they bring on tour. Along with harps, bagpipes and whistles, the folk act brandishes a hurdy-gurdy and a mandola. We’ll give you a minute to Google those last two.

Of course, we’ve got to mention Jackyl and the infamous chainsaw. “The Lumberjack” was released all the way back in 1992 and yet people still remember the damn chainsaw! Even if you catch a Jackyl show today, you’ll see Jesse James Dupree whip out the saw during the song’s bridge.

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