With over 40 years of KISStory already in the books, bassist / vocalist Gene Simmons has given us plenty of unforgettable moments. Here, we present you with 10 of them.

"Who do I admire more than myself?" Gene asks. You'll see the answer right away in our video, but we're fairly sure you can guess. Right after Gene's self-aggrandizing statement, we cut directly to The Gene Simmons Roast, where Lisa Lampanelli, among others, verbally destroyed the rockstar in front of millions watching on television.

You'll also witness one of Gene Simmons' first appearances on TV. In 1974, the second year of KISS' existence, Gene guested on The Mike Douglas Show. The reactions from fellow guests are priceless while Gene did his early shtick of a vampire-like character. He's toned it down in the last 40 years, but if you can imagine, Simmons was even more cartoonish than he is now.

Gene is celebrated for his larger-than-life performances with KISS, including his creepy blood solos. Simmons really took his 'Demon' persona to its heights while spitting out blood, convulsing and sending out disturbing smiles to the crowd. KISS' stage stunts are legendary, but even the finest machine will show signs of rust here and there. In footage we included above, Gene's classic trip up into the rafters didn't go very smoothly as the mechanics to help him fly misfired and jiggled Gene around in the air.

Check out 10 Unforgettable Gene Simmons Moments in the clip above!

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