Randy Rhoads was one of the most revolutionary, rip-roaring and influential guitarists to ever rock planet earth. Remembering the Ozzy Osbourne / Quiet Riot shredder who left us too soon, here are some unforgettable moments from Randy Rhoads.

Rhoads really became a guitar titan when he joined up with Ozzy, but if you’ve never seen him shred onstage with Quiet Riot, you’re missing a giant piece of Randy’s career. There’s a ridiculous six-minute video on YouTube of Rhoads stretching his guitar’s limitations to its very zenith, and it was just for a crowd of a few hundred instead of thousands.

Few guitarists have put on a clinic like Rhoads did on Ozzy Osbourne’s debut solo album, Blizzard of Ozz. We all know the kick-ass “Crazy Train” solo, but Randy’s neoclassical influence really came shining through on tracks like “Mr. Crowley.” You’ll see him rip through that devilish track along with a classic part from “I Don’t Know.”

The future was endlessly bright for Randy Rhoads before he boarded that ill-fated airplane. In an interview shortly before the crash, Randy spoke about how incredible joining Ozzy’s band had been. “Great things haven’t stopped happening,” said Rhoads. “It gets to the point where you don’t know how to handle the good things anymore … When you dream of things, you don’t even dream of those, you just dream of being in a band and getting a chance to do it.”

Check out these 10 Unforgettable Randy Rhoads Moments in the Loud List above.

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