Though the genres of rock and metal are dominated by bands who sing in English, artists who sing in other languages have been able to break through a barrier to find international success.

The first band many would think of is Rammstein, who have primarily written in German for over two decades. Though they've departed into English a few times, Rammstein's biggest hits such as "Du Hast," "Sonne" and "Mein Teil" have all been presented in German. Bands like X Japan have also branched out of their home country to find great success, going as far to headline Madison Square Garden in 2014.

Though you've got to dig for it, the metal world is rich with bands from countries like Sweden and Finland, sometimes singing in their native tongue. Finntroll and Shining have both developed large fan bases, as has Kvelertak, who signed to Roadrunner in the U.S. despite singing strictly in Norwegian.

Let's talk about some truly rare languages that are heard in modern rock and metal, like Russian. Pagan metal band Arkona have become huge since forming in 2002, as their count of Facebook fans will prove. Some bands, like prog rock veterans Magma, created an entirely new language to sing in. Though based in France, Magma write in Kobaïan, a strange mix of Slavic and Germanic languages. Despite this, Magma have been featured on television in France, proving you can't be too weird to completely evade success.

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