How many hundreds of memorable moments has Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine given us over the years? Attempting to count them all would be like jotting down every galaxy, star and planet in the observable universe, so we saved ourselves the time and stuck with metal's magic number, 11.

These Mustaine moments start all the way back from the shredder's childhood, which was troubled to say the least. He would go on to become perhaps the most prolific pioneer thrash of metal, guiding the early years of Metallica and forming Megadeth, the latter still going strong after 30 years.

Mustaine's time with (and painful split from) Metallica is documented here, all the way until the two bands' heartfelt reunion at the first ever 'Big 4' show. We also get into Mustaine's various quirks such as his telling of the story behind "Hangar 18," his experimentation with witchcraft at a young age and distain for fans with laser pointers.

Ever see Dave Mustaine's cameo on The Drew Carey Show? You'll see it right here along with an obligatory shred fest from the thrash titan himself… Dave Mustaine, not Drew Carey.

Enjoy these 11 Unforgettable Dave Mustaine Moments!

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