Their voices may not be classically beautiful… they may rub you the wrong way at first… but these singers have incredible voices. We’ve put together 15 singing voices that may be considered ugly, but work perfectly with the music each artist made.

“I just can’t get past his voice,” some metalheads have said about Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine. The thrash legend’s snarl is unlike any other vocalist, but there’s no voice on earth that would better suit Megadeth’s catalogue. In a world with soaring thrash singers like Joey Belladonna and Mark Osegueda, Mustaine keeps the genre gritty and dangerous.

Few vocalists have made plebs cringe more than Billy Corgan. The Smashing Pumpkins frontman’s nasally whine may not hold water on its own, but when mixed with the Pumpkins’ musical melancholy, it’s the perfect vehicle for boundless emotion. Leading devastating rock anthems like “Bullet With Butterfly Wings” or tearjerkers like “Disarm,” Corgan’s voice isn’t just unique, but extremely versatile.

Who in rock ’n’ roll history had a greater “ugly” voice than Lemmy Kilmister? For 40 years, the Motorhead icon ground up gravel in his throat and created some of the ballsiest music in history. Lemmy had no template for success, but sped his way through the most extreme music of his day with a level of grit still unmatched today.

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