Sunflower Dead are currently trekking around with In This Moment on tour but we recently met up with the group and had the chance to talk to frontman Michael Del Pizzo. We discussed the band’s latest album aptly titled It’s Time to Get Weird. The title track features a guest spot from Jonathan Davis of Korn and Del Pizzo talks about that collaboration as well as the fulfilling experience of recording the album as a whole with his bandmates. He also speaks about the visual aspect of the band and how the look of the group deeply affects their live performance. Check out our full interview with Michael Del Pizzo of Sunflower Dead below:

The latest album is titled It’s Time to Get Weird. How was the overall recording process for this album?

Incredible because we did it as a band together. There was no, “This is my song or this is his song.” It was five dudes in a rehearsal space, it was old school. We had our little recording unit and we would jam until we were happy. Then we would send the demos over to the producers. We did a couple of days of pre-production and it was just all five of us. I told the guys, I think if we all did solo records that it would be distinctly different but when we write together we find this middle ground in everything we want and it's Sunflower Dead.

Jonathan Davis of Korn is a part of this record. How did this collaboration come about?

How lucky was that? Jamie [Teissiere] was longtime friends with Korn from before they were Korn and he actually took guitar lessons from Munky. We were meeting with a record label. The record was completely finished and one of them suggested – since we toured with Korn last year in the UK – he suggested, “Why don’t you ask Jon to sing on one of the songs?” So Jamie said, “Why not?” He said yes and we went to a studio in Bakersfield, Calif. and laid it down and it was awesome.

How important is the visual aspect for Sunflower Dead and how do you think it complements the music live?

I think it’s important because the goal and idea of the band is to entertain people and to be something that’s a lot more than a bunch of guys onstage with t-shirts and jeans and whatever the fad of the week is. I think the look is important for every band whether it is jeans and t-shirt or this, there’s always a look. We do this just because it’s fun, it’s fun to be Halloween every night.

What does the rest of 2016 hold in store for Sunflower Dead?

We’re on our second radio single now -- “It’s Time to Get Weird” with Jon. We’re going to release a third single and a new video. We go out with In This Moment and Hellyeah and then we go out with In This Moment and Nonpoint and then we’re booking tours for the fall. We’re going to be touring a lot. We’re a little busy and thankful to be busy.

What is one non-electronic item you must have on the road with you while on tour?

For me, protein drinks because I’m hypoglycemic and I’ll start to try and murder people if I don’t eat. [Laughs]

Our thanks to Michael Del Pizzo for the interview, be sure to pick up 'It’s Time to Get Weird' via iTunes here. And check out a full list of tour dates to see where you can catch Sunflower Dead live!

Sunflower Dead Featuring Jonathan Davis, "It's Time to Get Weird"