Sunflower Dead have embraced animation when it comes to their music videos. The band's eye-catching clip for "Dance With Death" has been a mainstay in the Battle Royale Video Countdown Top 10, with its mix of live action and animation. Now the band is going full animation for their latest clip, "It's Time to Get Weird."

The song features a guest appearance by Korn's Jonathan Davis, who also turns up in the video as an animated figure. Michael Del Pizzo told Yahoo, who premiered the video, “Music videos…they drive me nuts, until a great idea comes along! For this one, I took the reins by writing the video treatment. We repeatedly hear that SFD needs to be animated. What better way to do that than with a Scooby Doo-inspired video for our new album’s title track featuring one of heavy music’s most unique frontmen, Jonathan Davis? My idea, combine the SFD story line with Jonathan’s past experience working with dead bodies. Boom, a match made in heaven brought to life by the amazing animators at Smorgasbord Productions. This is my favorite SFD video by far.”

If you're wondering about the connection, Sunflower Dead recently spent some time in the U.K. opening for Korn and their fast friendship led to Davis hopping on a track for the upstart rockers.

"It's Time to Get Weird" comes from the album of the same name, which is currently out via Blood Bat Records. Pick it up via Amazon or iTunes. And look for Sunflower Dead on tour at these stops.