Are you ready -- ready to dance with death? Let's introduce you to Sunflower Dead, who are teaming up with Loudwire to bring you the eye-catching exclusive premiere of their video for "Dance With Death."

The video is a mixture of live performance with first-rate animation as the band literally pop out of the pages of a comic. As for the song, it's a driving rocker sure to get the adrenaline pumping thanks to the guitar work of Jaboo and Jamie Teissere, the guttural bass of Lats, the aggressive beats of drummer Jimmy Schultz and vocalist Michael Del Pizzo's in-your-face vocals.

Del Pizzo tells Loudwire, "The 'Dance With Death' video had two be about two things. Firstly, the viewer must be forced into SFD's larger than life world of WEIRDNESS instantly. I have always loved bands that set a world for the audience with their sound, album art and visual presentation. Secondly, I am in the middle of collaborating on the Sunflower Dead Graphic Novel with a very esteemed horror author to debut at next years Comic Con. The idea was to bridge both SFD and the viewer into that world with the comic book treatment. The video like the song lyrics are deceivingly simple with a much deeper meaning. Delve into 'Dance With Death' and get WEIRD."

"Dance With Death" is featured on Sunflower Dead's It's Time to Get Weird album. The disc is due Oct. 30 and pre-order details will be announced shortly. In the interim, you can already pick up the "Dance With Death" single via iTunes. You can also find Sunflower Dead on tour at these locations.