Anyone who has ever seen Wilson live knows that it’s always a huge party with the booze flowing and rock tunes blasting. The band has been out on the road in support of their new album Right to Rise. We had the chance to sit down and chat with singer Chad Nicefield and drummer Matt Puhy about the new release, as well as their favorite adult beverages. They both also reveal why Gold Bond powder is so very important to them. Check out our interview with the very funny Chad Nicefield and drummer Matt Puhy of Wilson below:

Wilson are known as party animals, so the obligatory question is: What is your favorite alcohol drink of choice?

Matt Puhy: Whiskey. If cost is not an option then Johnny Walker and if cost is an option then whatever’s cheapest, usually Jameson.

Chad Nicefield: I like Bulleit Rye and ginger, that’s my favorite drink of all time. It’s very hard to come by. That’s the only drink that hasn’t left me feeling like a two dollar whore in the morning. If I have a few of those I get right in the sweet spot and wake up in the morning with a slight hangover versus having a Jack and Coke…then my butthole…[Laughs]

Right to Rise – what does that album title mean to you?

CN: Right to Rise is an album written from our point of view from where we’re from, it’s not a concept album per say. It’s a collection of songs that are about trying to survive and the everyday qualms you have to go through to maintain your own life. It’s because of where we come from and those situations that we’re able to take the bull by the horns. It’s just all about hard work and that extends to everywhere else. Our story is not unique but our people are unique, where we’re from and that’s what we’re trying to tell.

Bringing a positive light back home, within the confines of our city walls, there are some incredible stories and some incredible people. We’re defined by our future and we feel something positive brewing. The world will pay attention to it, it’s hard to swallow it every day when you see the news, it being the murder capital and all of this s---. If you take a moment and step inside the Detroit city limits you can’t go to it and find the places that immediately make it special, it’s the you people and you have to meet them and they show you there story and then you get it.

What are each of you most proud of when it comes to this album?

MP: That’s a difficult question. [Laughs] I mean “Windows Down” and “All My Friends” and “Before I Burn” -- we had those ready to go and we wrote them as a band quickly and it was awesome. Then “Give ‘Em Hell” and “Right to Rise,” those were songs where we had a whole new way of songwriting that we hadn’t done before.  We were working with an outside element, and sometimes it took some work to get it sounding the way we wanted it to. It really was a culmination of how we write together and taking the advice and know-how of somebody  who’s been around for a while and really knows the strengths of the band and wanted to bring them out. There’s a portion of the record where I’m super proud of it, in general, but I suppose if I had to really pick I’d say “Right to Rise” and “Before I Burn” are my favorites.

CN: I’m super proud of “Before I Burn” and one of my personal favorites is “Windows Down.” We get to tell a little story about where we come from and being proud of where we come from. On top of that it feels good, when that song comes on I crank it up a little bit.

What would you say is your No. 1 party rule?

CN: My No. 1 party rule is to have nut powder. You can look into anyone of our backpacks and you’ll find a thing of Gold Bond. No matter how bad your day is going or how drunk you are or how incredibly hungover you wake up the next day but if you were to take some Gold Bond medicated powder in your palms and rub that on your d--- and balls it feels like tiny elves in your pants gently blowing and it’ll just brighten your day. [Laughs] You literally feel like a golden God.

MP: Yeah that and drink lots of water before you go to bed every night.

CN: Oh yeah and don’t be a p----y! [Laughs] If you’re planning on going hard then don’t be an a—hole.

With all of this touring in support of Right to Rise, what is one thing you must have on tour with you, no electronics.

MP: Obviously No. 1 is nut powder! No. 2, I would have to say is as many pairs of socks as possibly, at least for me. I double up and a bunch of dudes in a van, it’s already going to smell…again that’s where the nut powder comes in. Dry feet and fresh socks are important.

CN: Dirty laundry bag, hands down and flip-flops. I never wore them because I was like, “F--- flip-flops, they’re stupid ” and we were on tour with a band and they were pretty badass dudes and they were wearing flip-flops so I was like, “Let me try this flip-flop thing” and it changed my life. Getting in and out of the van is  easier and my feet hardly stink, flip-flops who would’ve thought.

Our thanks to Chad Nicefield and Matt Puhy of Wilson for the interview. Go here to order their new album Right to Rise via iTunes.

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