It’s always a good time when Wilson come to town, and when they stopped in New York City while on tour in support of their new album Right to Rise, we had the opportunity to chat with band members Chad Nicefield and Matt Puhy. It was all laughs as they played a fun game of ‘Would You Rather?,' sharing their opinions being late for shows, messing up onstage, musicians they would have lunch with as well as whether they would marry Ozzy Osbourne or Lemmy Kilmister. Check out our game of ‘Would You Rather?’ below with Wilson’s Chad Nicefield and Matt Puhy:

Would you rather be really late for the show or mess up onstage?

Chad Nicefield: F--- up onstage.

Matt Puhy: Late for a show.

CN: For me, messing up onstage only involves the people that are on the stage. Your brothers are bummed out at you but you’re able to fix that up and mistakes happen. Being late for a show, it f---- up everybody, the opening band, the headlining band, the people working at the venue, it’s bigger than just you.  Now go sound like an a—hole…

MP: Whatever, f--- everybody else! I don’t give a s--- about you! [Laughs] You know you are your own worst critic and I don’t know it always bums me out when stuff like that happens. When I’ve gone to shows and see stuff like that I feel bad for them. I’d love every show to be as close to perfect as it can be. We’ve been late to shows plenty of times and have still made things work.

CN: That’s not true…well we have been late to shows. Has it been an easy situation? No. Everybody else is cool with it but I definitely know myself, in general, I’m an a—hole when it comes to lateness. I work at a music venue I know how tense it can be and I know what everyone is saying in the room when you show up late to a show. Bands get blacklisted, I don’t book bands, especially opening bands unless they have some traumatic situation – if they’re part of a touring package and they’re late and they cause me to open up doors late and patrons have to stay outside in the rain or my crew had to do something different. You’re an adult you can get there in time just do it.

Would you rather be in the studio or on tour?  

MP: S--- that’s not fair. I really like being in the studio. I enjoy the repetition and really delving into every last note and making sure it’s perfect. When you’re touring you get one shot but then there’s the social aspect and being out with fun bands, getting to travel and the great shows we play, you can’t get that feeling anywhere else. That’s an impossible question to answer and that’s as much as you’re going to get out of me.

CN: [Laughs] It’s a catch 22 there because there’s something selfish about wanting to be in the studio, you’re feeding the part of you that you thrive on. Playing a show, you’re part of a bigger wheel that’s grinding and that’s a really cool experience to be a part of. Both  of those things even out for me.

Would you rather have a massive bank account or a massive fanbase?  

CN: …or a massive penis. I would rather have a massive fanbase.

MP: Definitely fans, we already have in our minds that we’re going to be broke for the rest of our lives anyway so…[Laughs]

Would you rather tour with a band you didn’t respect or tour with a band that didn’t respect you?

CN: I would rather tour with a band that didn’t respect me, it comes down to, if you don’t respect me I still have the ability to do what I need to do. I don’t need your respect. If I’m on the road with someone that I don’t respect it’s going to affect what I’m doing. I’m not going to let the outside influence affect what I’m here to do but I know if I don’t respect someone then I’m wasting my energy.

MP: I’d like to go with option three and go out with a band where there’s mutual respect there. I have to agree with Chad but yeah I like my option better.


Would you rather have lunch with a music icon who is living or dead? (Who would it be and why?)

CN: The obvious one would be Dave Grohl from the Foo Fighters but I think I get it, you’re the best dude ever and you’re cool. The Toadies were my absolute first loves and I still love them. [I'd like] to meet [Toadies frontman] Vaden Todd Lewis. I’ve always wanted him to play “Possum Kingdom” at my wedding if I ever got married. I should get this dude to f---in’ agree to this! I don’t know what it is about him but I wouldn’t be able to sing the way I sing and I also think he’d be able to tell me a lot about the music industry can chew you up and spit you out.

MP: Lemmy because we wouldn’t actually go to lunch we’d just go to a f---in’ bar, go to the Rainbow Room and play video poker. Yeah I would like to meet Dave Grohl and/or Taylor Hawkins, fellow drummers and all that stuff. I would like to hear some stories from Lemmy’s past

Would you rather have an accordion for legs or a large round belly that swings to the beat of music?

MP: Accordion for legs bigtime! Why not?

CN: I go with accordion for legs as well plus I can at least see my d--- still. In fact I’d probably be able to get a lot closer to it. [Laughs] The options are endless!

Would you rather marry Ozzy or Lemmy?

CN: F---!

MP: You already know, I’m going to go with Lemmy.

CN: I’m going to go with Ozzy because I think the sex would be a little crazier, I just feel with Ozzy he might…no they’re both not getting’ boners anymore. I don’t know.

MP: I would honestly hope and believe that Lemmy is still bangin’ it out.

CN: I mean I grew up listening to Black Sabbath so I had a love affair with Black Sabbath before I had a love affair with Motorhead because of my dad. I would definitely marry Ozzy. Plus he would be would be really complacent and easy, look at Sharon, I could just run game on him all day long,

MP: I feel like Lemmy would appreciate me more. There’s just something about him. He parties hard.

Our thanks to and Chad Nicefield and Matt Puhy of Wilson for the interview. Order their new album 'Right to Rise' via iTunes.

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