In our journey through the history of heavy metal, we’ve reached the most recent decade of our favorite genre: the 2010s. Though we’ve only made it through 2010-2018, we put together our picks for the top metal song of each year.

It should be no surprise that Ghost dominated this list, as the occult band penned more classic tracks than any of their contemporaries in the 2010s. From “Ritual” on 2010’s Opus Eponymous to “Square Hammer” on 2016’s Popestar EP, Ghost’s songwriting seems to get better with time, and we won’t be surprised if the Swedish blasphemers enter the 2020s with even more Satanic standards.

In what could be the definitive metal album of the decade, Behemoth released an absolute masterpiece in 2014 with The Satanist. Without a weak track on the album, Behemoth saved the record’s magnum opus for the very end. “O Father O Satan O Sun!” wraps up The Satanist with incredible choral verses, expansive guitar work and a demonic chant voiced by Nergal that could split the sky open.

Gojira have also emerged as one of metal’s modern icons in the 2010s. After crushing the 2000s with From Mars to Sirius and The Way of All Flesh, Gojira kept their hot streak going with 2012’s L’Enfant Sauvage and its anthemic title track. With this punishing cut, the larger metal realm finally took proper notice of Gojira and their unique mix of groove and death metal.

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