Scott Stapp's recent troubles have been well documented, as the Creed singer revealed via a series of public video testimonials that he was "penniless" and living in a truck, accusing government agencies of freezing him out of his money. This all came after his wife Jaclyn filed for divorce, accusing him of rampant drug use and sending bizarre texts.

Now, TMZ has released a 911 call from last month in which Jaclyn and Scott's sister-in-law call into the Sheriff's office and claim that Scott is riding around on a bike shirtless with what he claims are CIA documents and that he thinks he's "supposed to assassinate Obama."

They go on to explain that Scott thinks he's being trained by the CIA, and that he has been in and out of mental facilities and that he has a history of schizophrenia and paranoia. They were apparently trying to get him committed into a mental facility at the time.

Meanwhile, TMZ also unveiled audio of a 911 call that Scott made around the same time, claiming that his wife stole his vehicle and getting upset when the dispatcher tells him that if he's still married to her, it can't be considered a theft. "Can I go home now and steal her car?" asks Scott at one point. He also claimed that Jaclyn was trying to blackmail him by threatening to release photos that could potentially ruin his career.

Listen to the audio tape of Scott's wife Jaclyn and sister-in-law above, and hear Scott's call below. Mobile users may have to hold device horizontally to display play button.


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