The buzz concerning AC/DC just reached a new level. It's already been an tumultuous cycle for the band as they build up to the 'Rock or Bust' album, with ailing guitarist Malcolm Young stepping away from the band as his nephew Stevie fills in on guitar. But now there's a new photo from the band that is conspicuously missing drummer Phil Rudd.

No explanation was given for Rudd's absence, but it was reported recently that Rudd was called away for the band's music video shoots due to a family matter. Rudd was replaced in the video by Shogun drummer Rob Richards. As we're not sure when the photograph was taken, it could have been on the day that Rudd was called away.

The drummer did release a solo album this year, but seemed excited about the prospects of more AC/DC music, stating back in August that he felt that every member of AC/DC "would have to be dead" before they stopped touring and recording. He also added that he would be part of future albums and tours.

In other AC/DC news, the title track to the 'Rock or Bust' album appears to have found its way onto the Internet. In a newly posted clip, 'Rock or Bust' closely follows the recently released single 'Play Ball.' And, it has that signature AC/DC sound -- lots of guitars, a steady catchy beat and Brian Johnson's instantly recognizable vocals. Check out the song below. [Update: The song has since been removed]

The 'Rock or Bust' album is due Dec. 2. Pre-order are currently being taken at Amazon and iTunes.

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