While Ace Frehley's 'Space Invader' is due next Tuesday (Aug. 19), the guitarist recently made headlines by suggesting he already has plans for a guest-packed covers collection. At the time, he suggested that he'd put out calls to Lita Ford, Slash and Pearl Jam's Mike McCreadyfor assistance, but there's one more guest that Frehley has in mind that might come as a surprise.

Speaking with VH1 Radio Networks (excerpted by Blabbermouth), Frehley stated, "I was thinking of asking Gene [Simmons] to play bass on one track, and I'm not going to say which one. That'll be a surprise."

The suggestion of reaching out to Simmons comes as its own surprise given all the public back-and-forth between the original remaining KISS members Simmons and Paul Stanley and the former members Frehley and Peter Criss. Leading up to and even following their induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame this year, all four have publicly traded barbs.

But Frehley isn't deterred from the idea, adding, "I think he'd consider it. I don't know if he'd do it. Maybe Paul [Stanley] won't let him. Who knows?"

As stated, Frehley's 'Space Invader' album arrives next week. Meanwhile, KISS have spent the summer on tour with Def Leppard.

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