Ace Frehley left KISS for the second time in 2000 following one of the band's numerous farewell tours. The band now consists of mainstays Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons as well as replacements for Frehley and original drummer Peter Criss and Stanley has previously gone on record stating he believes KISS can continue beyond his and Gene Simmons' retirement with new members, though Frehley has a differing opinion.

With a new covers album, Origins Vol. 1, to promote, Frehley has been on the promotional circuit and was featured on Boston's WZLX 100.7 FM (audio below at 4:15) to discuss the release and answer some questions surrounding KISS. When asked if he can envision a lineup of KISS continuing 30 or 40 years from now, the Spaceman firmly stated, "That's the most ridiculous statement I've ever heard [Stanley] make."

Frehley continued, "I think the only reason they make those statements at this juncture is to try to validate the fact that they have two other guys in the band that aren't the original members. So they're trying to rationalize to the fans, 'Well, you know, we replaced Peter and we replaced Ace and eventually we're gonna replace ourselves. That's like [Rolling Stones singer] Mick Jagger saying, 'Yeah, after me and Keith [Richards, Rolling Stones guitarist] die, the Stones will continue on with two other guys.' I mean, it's a joke."

Origins Vol. 1 marks the first time Frehley and Stanley have recorded together in almost 20 years with Stanley taking lead vocal on the Free cover of "Fire and Water." The album will be out April 15 and fans can place pre-orders here and will receive and instant gratification download of the Cream cover, "White Room." Ace will be wrapping his current tour up on April 12 and a list of stops can be seen at our 2016 Guide to Rock + Metal Tours.

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