As KISS attempt to wind down their career amid a global pandemic, there are more questions lurking beyond an eventual end date to the rock legends' career. Namely, will Ace Frehley join the band onstage at any point? As far as the guitarist is concerned, that door is still open.

Comments from KISS members past and present on the likelihood of a Frehley reunion of any sort have flip-flopped so much in recent years that recapping the back and forth between everyone has now become an exercise in futility.

The sticking point, for Frehley at least, has always been that he wants to be able to come out onstage as the Spaceman character he originally conceptualized, despite having sold the rights to the unique imagery to Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons for "not a whole lot" of money, per Stanley.

"Anything's possible — I've always said that," Frehley told Sirius XM's Eddie Trunk on 'Trunk Nation With Eddie Trunk' (transcription via Blabbermouth) when pressed about a possible onstage reunion with KISS on their farewell run.

"That's the first question so many people have asked me over the years: 'Would you ever consider doing a KISS reunion?' I said, 'I never closed the door on anything.' If the money's right and it's presented to me in the right way, anything can happen," the guitarist stressed.

Despite the public war of words over the years, things have been more familial among Frehley and his onetime bandmates Stanley and Simmons. Both KISS icons worked with Frehley on recent solo records, helping to establish a more positive atmosphere among the contentious issue of a possible return to the stage.

"I'm on good terms with Paul and Gene," Frehley reaffirmed, "which is nice, because we created something really special in the early '70s that has outlasted so many other bands. And God bless 'em. They're still doing it; I'm still doing it. Peter [Criss] is still around. I'm not quite sure why Peter hadn't toured over the years as much as I have, but it is what it is."

Only time will tell if the long-posited reunion will ever actually take place.

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