Over the last handful of months, rumors have intensified that Ace Frehley will rejoin KISS, but the guitarist has maintained that these are indeed just rumors. He reiterated this point as a guest on Eddie Trunk's Trunk Nation, but remained open to the possibility of hitting the stage with the costumed legends again.

"However the press colors the fact that we don't get along, in reality we do. You know, we have disagreements and things are said sometimes, taken out of context," Frehley told Trunk about the general misperception that he and the band have a strained relationship (transcription via Blabbermouth). "But I've always been friends with those guys and they've been friends with me. We may not have agreed about certain things over the years and maybe there were times we didn't talk," he added, going on to recognize the band's achievements, "I mean, we created something amazing that withstood the test of time."

When asked about the rumors concerning him re-entering KISS for a final tour, the guitarist stated, "I haven't been contacted. I'm not ruling it out. It's a possibility, I guess." Noting the decision does not start with him, Frehley continued, "But the ball's in Paul {Stanley] and Gene's [Simmons] court. If that's something that they would like to do to end off the career of KISS, I think it could be… if it was handled correctly, it could be great."

Trunk pressed Frehley once more about the rumors, but Frehley chalked it up to being no different than rumors in the past, saying, "There's been rumors for years and the rumors are probably… There's a lot more rumors going around now than there were a few years ago. But, you know, rumors are rumors."

Earlier this year, Frehley released his first covers album, Origins, Vol. 1, which featured Paul Stanley as a guest on the Free song "Fire and Water." After this, fans began speculating that this reignited the relationship between the two, opening the door for Ace's return to KISS, though as he noted above, their relationship was not as rough as many believed.

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