One of the more intriguing stories of 2015 actually started in late 2014 when former Megadeth members Chris Broderick and Shawn Drover left the band. The duo continued their musical partnership and fielded a band of metal vets that they've dubbed Act of Defiance. Meanwhile, Megadeth replaced the pair and have an album of their own en route this year, making the next albums of both acts among the most anticipated of 2015.

Act of Defiance have issued an update on their forthcoming disc and it appears they're ahead of Megadeth in terms of turning around new music at the moment. Drummer Shawn Drover has issued a new update on the forthcoming release, stating that the album has now been "100% mixed and mastered." Check out his full post, which went up Thursday night (April 30):

As of 5:00 PM EST today, the Act Of Defiance record is now 100% mixed and mastered!!!!!! To finally hear the finished product after all the work we have all done to make this the best piece of Heavy Metal music we could, makes me truly happy beyond words!!! Huge thanks to the mighty Chris “ZEUSS” Harris for being so amazing and easy to work with and sharing the same musical vision!!!!!!
At the same time, we have also finalized the record artwork with the amazing artist, Travis Smith AND picked the title for the record today as well - Yes, it has been quite a productive day finalizing the thing’s that needed to be done. We are on schedule to the DAY of what we originally predicted (hoped, really) the record to be completed and turned into Metal Blade.
Lots more updates on all thing’s AOD related in due time, believe me.

Along with Broderick and Drover, Act of Defiance also features Shadows Fall bassist Matt Bachand and former Scar the Martyr vocalist Henry Derek.

As stated, there's still a few details the band has yet to reveal, but by the sound of the update, it looks as though we'll have an album title, artwork and full release details shortly. Stay tuned.

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