Act of Defiance are ready to unleash their music onto the world with their new video for "Throwback." The brutally heavy performance-based clip can be seen above.

Wisely, the band chose to go the performance direction for their first clip. Given the backgrounds of former Megadeth members Chris Broderick and Shawn Drover, Shadows Fall bassist Matt Bachand and ex-Scar the Martyr vocalist Henry Derek, there has been a lot of anticipation as to what this collective can provide and now you get a chance to see it first hand. "Throwback" proves to be a heavy and brutal track right out of the gate for the band, and the Corey Soria-directed clip provides the perfect showcase.

The song is featured on the band's upcoming Birth and the Burial debut disc, due Aug. 21 via Metal Blade Records. If you like what you hear, pre-order bundle packages are currently available at this location.

Drover says of the new track, ""'Throwback' is not your average speed/thrash metal tune. The song is also pretty progressive at times with a lot of stopping and starting going into the bridge and they are all at different times, so we really had to memorize the count. I was really impressed with the way Chris wanted to write a little bit out of the box, shall we say. Chris also wrote all of the lyrics for the song, which were also impressive to me. They are certainly dark in the subject matter, as they should be to fit the aggressiveness of the song. Quite a nice fit if you ask me."

As for the video, the drummer states, "Making the video in LA for 'Throwback' with Corey was the easiest and most focused video shoot I have ever been a part of. The concept was very 'old school metal' In nature with just smoke, lights, the band and METAL! What a concept. We all shared the common vision of just being a metal band captured on film and Corey got it right away. Corey and his entire crew were a sheer joy to work with."

Broderick further adds, "'Throwback' came about through the influence of great thrash players such as Kerry King (Slayer) and Rob Cavestany (Death Angel). They gave me the inspiration to write a tear your head off, insanely fast rhythm. From there it progressed as I wrote, into a song that doesn't only have elements of thrash but everything in between with elements of progressive, and groove. I never expected 'Throwback' to be the first release off the CD, as it's not commercial, doesn't follow a typical verse, chorus, solo scheme, and is almost six minutes long. However, when you hear the fire, emotion and brutality of the song, it becomes very clear that it was a contender to show people what Act of Defiance is really about."