An actress from Van Halen's iconic video for "Hot for Teacher" has recreated the role in a new video. Ruth Silveira, who played the mother in the 1984 video, was recruited to be the mother once again in Joe Hernandez-Kolski and Thing of Twins' video for "This Rap Makes No Sense."

At the start of both videos, Silveira helps get her son Waldo ready to go out. "Now Waldo, I hope you find some friends this year," she says to the boy in "Hot for Teacher." In the new video, the line has been changed to, "Now Waldo, I know you have a lot of friends you want to see, but you have to stay inside just a little longer."

It's unclear whether that's a direct reference to the COVID-19 pandemic, but the lyrics to one of the verses are, "This rap makes no sense / Everybody is so tense / But we’re making it through / Some intense events / And we’ll make this world make sense again."

Anyway, according to Blabbermouth, Hernandez-Kolski has known Silveira for a long time, as they're both members of the Sacred Fools Theater Company, but he didn't realize that she had played the role of the mother in the Van Halen video.

"I lost my mind because Van Halen has always been my all-time favorite band," he said. "When I started thinking about making a music video for the song, I immediately knew that I wanted to pay homage to the original video. Ruth was a wonderful professional. She came in and recreated the role in one take."

Watch both videos below.

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