Ahh, the art of the tease. AFI certainly have fans buzzing after posting a new photo on their Instagram account, one that looks like a press shot, only with singer Davey Havok's image cut out.

The fan comments seem to range from everything from speculation on a potential new album to Havok quitting the band. Have a look and enjoy some of the fan commentary below.

Let's start with the new album speculation. The timing is definitely right. The band's last album, the self-titled disc subtitled "The Blood Album," was released in 2017 and the band spent some time out on the road earlier this year supporting it. In an interview about six months after the album's release, bassist Hunter Burgan said the plan was to start work on the new album after touring was complete, while guitarist Jade Puget stated in a 2017 interview that the band intended to start writing for the effort before the end of the year.

As for the image minus Havok, it could possibly be a few things. Fans will remember that Havok spent time in the last couple of years fronting Dreamcar with members of No Doubt and he's been known to pursue other writing, film and musical projects as well. It could be possible the three remaining members have something in the works minus Havok, as Jade Puget and Hunter Burgan have also dabbled in projects outside the group.

There's also a curtain appearing as the backdrop where Havok's cut out image is in the photo, which could suggest a show or shows with the three remaining members playing with special guests. The photo could also simply just be a really artistic and interesting shot meant to stir up discussion for what comes next from AFI, which it's certainly doing.

What does it all mean for AFI? Stay tuned as it looks like some sort of activity is about to commence.

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