Florida metalcore rejuvenators Afterlife have a message for their fellow U.S. citizens: Wake up. That's the basic thrust of "Wasting Time," the band's mindful yet raucous new single that arrived this week (Sept. 16). Hear it below.

The nu-metal-adjacent track gives a needed boost to heavy music as social concerns bare down on young people like never before. It's Afterlife's first new material since their 2019 debut album, Breaking Point, an effort that drew comparisons to rocking forebearers such as Linkin Park and Slipknot.

But this time around, the up-and-coming act is more acutely aware of the brutal atmosphere that surrounds them.

"Collectively we were frustrated with society and we all desired change," explains Afterlife's lead vocalist, Tyler Levenson. "We wanted this song to feel empowering and anthemic. We wanted it to be a statement that would encourage as well as inspire people."

The musician continues, "We're really excited to give everyone a glimpse of the new music we have been working on! While writing this song there was a lot going on within our country as well as the world, which created a powerful energy in the studio."

That certainly shows in the tune's heedful lyrics: "You can't ignore what's been done / I don't wanna believe what the world's put in front of me / I don't wanna believe that everything is crumbling."

Joining Levenson in Afterlife are guitarist Andrew McGuire, drummer Luke Walkinshaw and bassist Tristan Edwards. Currently signed to Hopeless, the group first emerged in 2017 with the EP Vicious Cycle on Stay Sick.

Afterlife, "Wasting Time"

Afterlife 'Wasting Time' album cover
Hopeless Records

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