Rush guitarist Alex Lifeson has opened up about how it was difficult to accept the band was over, even after 41 years together. Lifeson says he's not even close to being done making music and talked about how his current band, Envy of None, has been liberating.

Alex Lifeson was on The Rockman Power Hour podcast, he spoke about how even after 41 years of playing together, it was hard to accept that Rush was over. "It was difficult to accept that the band was over, even though it was 41 years, and there's no shame in it after that period of time. Neil didn't feel he could play 100 percent, it was just getting too difficult to play this kind of music for three hours a night. It is what it is, that was the end. And then within a year we found out that he was sick, and so it was quite a turbulent period."

Neil Peart sadly died in January 2020 due to brain cancer at the age of 67. They played their final shower together in Los Angeles on Aug. 1, 2015.

The Rush guitarist goes on to talk about how he's not even close to being done making music and says he's more of a songwriter than a guitarist, although he's always thought of himself as a guitarist first. Lifeson says his current project, Envy of None, has been very liberating and he's got tons of all over the place ideas, which are about melody, harmony, space, mood, color and tone.

He also talks about how he'd like to move into the area of soundtrack working and has created things for Amazon and a series in the past. When asked about his plans about Envy of None playing live shoes and the musician says it depends on the response to their album when it comes out.

Envy of None's self-titled debut album is set to come out this week on April 8. You can watch the full interview with Alex Lifeson below.

Alex Lifeson on Accepting Rush Was Over + Finding Liberation with Envy of None

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