Death metal's finest meet in the most brutal battle throughout our entire Greatest Metal Bassist bracket. Fight!

Want to build the perfect death metal bassist? All you'd have to do is clone Cannibal Corpse's Alex Webster. The bassist is unrelenting, ridiculously skilled and has a hell of a stage presence. Webster is undoubtedly one of metal's fastest players along with a master of the Steve Harris-esque three-finger gallop. Alex Webster has also contributed to Hate Eternal and the ultra-technical Blotted Science, the later of which arguably showcases Webster's most impressive playing and writing.

Derek Boyer's bass hangs so damn low that he stands it upright onstage like a friggin' cello. No matter how Boyer positions his bass and no matter how uncomfortable it may seem, Suffocation's low-ender rarely misses a note, and his tone could possibly he the heaviest in all of death metal. Boyer clanks his strings with no picks needed, fingering at light speed while covering the entire neck with his left hand. All metal bassists strive to play like Boyer, but very few succeed.

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