Calling all pinball wizards! The master of shock rock, Alice Cooper, is finally getting his very own pinball machine courtesy of Spooky Pinball LLC, the same company that created Rob Zombie's "Spookshow International" pinball machine!

"Alice Cooper's Nightmare Castle" will feature "classic and modern" music from the icon, not just a greatest hits type package. Spooky Pinball has chosen the songs that work best in context of the game's theme with additional ambiance provided by Piggy D from Rob Zombie's band and artwork from Jeff Zornow.

A teaser for the pinball machine can be seen above where the musician states, "Hello, this is Alice Cooper. When I'm not onstage blasting nearly 50 years of music and getting my head chopped off every night, I tend to kick back. Some of you may know I'm quite the golfer; that's how I relax. But when I'm really feeling crazy, I play pinball! The speed, the chaos, the mayhem, the brutality of that ball flying around out of control makes me happy! That's why I'm excited to announce I'm finally getting my own pinball machine. I know you'll like it because it's all about me; my songs, my voice, my world — it's all about me!"

Since the game is still being developed, Spooky Pinball is not accepting deposits from potential buyers just yet. More purchasing information will come when there is a full game to display, according to a post on Facebook page of the company, which is targeting a fall 2017 release.

Catch Alice Cooper on tour this summer with the equally legendary Deep Purple. The North American trek will run from Aug. 12 through Sept. 10 and a full list of stops can be found at our 2017 Guide to Rock + Metal Tours.

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