Giraffe Tongue Orchestra’s debut album, Broken Lines, is out on Sept. 23. We were recently visited by singer William DuVall (Alice in Chains) and guitarist Ben Weinman (The Dillinger Escape Plan), and the pair talked about the formation of the band and the creation of the album.

GTO features some of this generation’s most incredible musicians. Along with William and Ben, the act also includes members of Mastodon and The Mars Volta. Giraffe Tongue could have made the weirdest music imaginable, but they decided to take each other’s established styles and create something more smooth and soulful, as you’ll hear DuVall and Weinman speak about in this interview.

There are always plenty of challenges when forming a new band, especially when exploring the dynamics of writing music with individuals who are already extremely accomplished. “It’s always such an adventure,” DuVall says. “You’re dealing with - in many cases - really strong personalities, because that’s what made us get to where we are. You’ve got to deny all the naysayers, you’ve got to shut out all the external noise around you that’s saying, ‘You can’t, you shouldn’t.’”

Weinman adds, “Band people are freaking crazy; we have to be. You wouldn’t want to be out there in front of people, prancing around and also being criticized and also your ego being boosted simultaneously. Most people are insane that are doing that for a living, it’s not a healthy scenario.”

Check out our exclusive chat with Giraffe Tongue Orchestra’s William DuVall and Ben Weinman above! To grab a copy of Broken Lines, click here.

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