The pop-punk and emo scenes are two of rock music's definitive subcultures, often intertwined by heart-on-your-sleeve lyrics and infectiously catchy choruses. With nearly three decades having passed since the scene began to explode, here are the records that stood the test of time.

Primed by bands such as Ramones and Descendents, Green Day kicked off the pop-punk revolution with 1994's Dookie. From there, bands such as Blink-182, Sum 41 and Fall Out Boy took the reins and enjoyed multi-platinum success while inspiring a new generation of musicians.

With the turn of the millennium, emo and post-hardcore began to define the underground rock world. While bands such as the Used and My Chemical Romance taught kids that it was okay to be vulnerable, acts like Poison the Well and Alexisonfire delivered a heavier edge to scene music.

Check out these 25 Amazing Pop-Punk + Emo Albums With No Weak Songs in the gallery below.

25 Amazing Pop-Punk + Emo Albums With No Weak Songs

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