American Head Charge frontman Cameron Heacock was arrested on Wednesday (April 11) on suspicion of driving a stolen van and police found a lot more when they searched the vehicle. Further inspection of the automobile revealed a trove of stolen guitars and musical gear.

According to CBS Los Angeles, Heacock was arrested after police spotted the stolen van leaving a Motel 6 parking lot. After searching the vehicle, police stumbled on a bevy of stolen guitars. Among the 13 recovered guitars are pricey Gibson Les Pauls and Fender Stratocasters. The ensuing investigation also reveled a storage space, which was full of more stolen gear and a motorcycle. Watch the CBS news report in the player above.

Nine of the guitars were lifted from Guitar Center in Fountain Valley, Calif. over the past two months. All in all, $10,000 worth of gear was returned to GC. Investigators are still trying to locate the owners of four stolen guitars they recovered.

Heacock is still in custody at Central Men’s Jail in Santa Ana, Calif. He was set to appear in court today (April 13).

It’s been a rough few years for American Head Charge, following the death of bassist Chad Hanks and the band’s shake up two years ago when drummer Chris Emery and guitarist Ted Hallows left the group.

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