American Head Charge recently wrapped up a headlining U.S. tour at the tail of June in support of their comeback album, Tango Umbrella. Fans who were able to catch one of the shows caught the last glimpse of the lineup featuring guitarist Ted Hallows (above, left) and drummer Chris Emery (above, right) as they both have announced their departure from the group.

Emery was enjoying his second stint with the band after being fired in 2006. He rejoined when American Head Charge reunited in 2011. Hallows linked up with the group two years later in 2013 and made his recording debut with the band on the new record. Releasing separate statements, both musicians offered terse explanations behind their abrupt exit.

The drummer left a cryptic statement [via The PRP], commenting, "Well I was going to wait but here goes. I have made the decision to quit playing for AHC. I’m not going to explain or field a thousand questions. Just know I love you all and held out as long as I could."

Hallows took a different approach, wishing his bandmates well when posting on his Instagram account on July 13 (post below), stating, “It is with a heavy heart today that I’ve made the decision to part ways with American Head Charge. I extend my love, thanks, and best wishes to Karma, Cameron, Chad, Justin, Chris and the rest of the Head Charge family, friends, and fans whom have made these last three years so unforgettable.”

American Head Charge sacked Emery back in 2006, as bassist Chad Hanks and singer Cameron Heacock stated, "The problem is that his brain and heart were no longer in it, his responsibility level became nonexistent, and his playing became so drastically inconsistent that I had to fire him onstage at our last show of The Feeding touring cycle. I had made a sign in advance that said 'I'M FIRED' and held it up to him halfway through the set when I got sick of how godawful his playing and professionalism were that night. It was embarrassing and our fans didn't deserve it. He was a major factor in our pulling the last seven songs out of our set. It made me furious, and I'm glad we won't have to deal with it anymore." [via Blabbermouth]

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