A young musician repped Fall Out Boy on America's Got Talent last month.

Participant Jacob Velazquez used part of his audition on the talent show competition to drum out a tune by the beloved pop-punkers, much to the delight of the program's panel of celebrity judges. On the Season 15 episode that aired June 30, Velazquez also performed an original song.

Watch the clip down toward the bottom of this post. The Fall Out Boy rendition begins at around the four-minute mark — after Velazquez plays the somber selection that he penned on the piano.

The kid's America's Got Talent appearance was victorious for more than just his faithful drum cover of Fall Out Boy's American Beauty/American Psycho track "Centuries." It was also an achievement that brought to light the 12-year-old's battle with a pervasive developmental disorder.

"Jacob Velazquez is achieving greatness by making his dreams come true!" reads the video's description. "Jacob speaks candidly about his PDD-NOS and performs an original song and 'Centuries' by Fall Out Boy!"

A pervasive developmental disorder not otherwise specified is an autism spectrum disorder similar to Asperger syndrome, Velazquez explained. Still, he's not letting the impairment slow down his dreams.

"I want to be on America's Got Talent to show people that just because you have some kind of disability or some kind of diagnosis doesn't mean you aren't capable of great things," Velazquez said.

Jacob Velazquez Drums to Fall Out Boy on America's Got Talent - June 30, 2020

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