Praise be to Odin! Swedish melodic death metal vikings Amon Amarth have won their fourth consecutive Death Match and thus, have earned a spot in the Loudwire Death Match Hall of Fame.

Amon Amarth began their Death Match domination by defeating Dark Tranquillity, who had been enjoying an impressive winning streak until their third battle. After Dark Tranquillity had been given the hammer, Amon Amarth took out Parkway Drive in a landslide victory before claiming yet another win over death metal legends Immolation.

Finally, Amon Amarth's 'Deceiver of the Gods' scored a fourth and final victory after yet another group of death metal icons, Autopsy.

With the power vested in us, we officially declare 'Deceiver of the Gods' as immortal in our Death Match Hall of Fame. For their induction, Amon Amarth's 'Deceiver of the Gods' will also be awarded with a heavy rotation spot on Loudwire Metal Radio. Congrats to Amon Amarth and stay tuned for this week's Death Match, where two new songs will be thrown against each other.

Amon Amarth, 'Deceiver of the Gods'