After canceling two shows in Florida in advance of the arrival of Hurricane Idalia, Ghost were forced to cancel their Aug. 29 stop in South Carolina at the last minute, also due to inclement weather which damaged quite a lot of equipment.

With performances in the Florida cities of Jacksonville and Tampa off the books, Ghost headed to their next stop at the CCNB Amphitheatre at Heritage Park in Simpsonville, South Carolina, where they battled weather conditions and a venue roof which was not large enough to cover the stage and equipment, unlike many other venues.

In a lengthy statement, Ghost apologized to their fans in South Carolina, who were able to see an abbreviated three-song Amon Amarth set before heavy rains flooded the stage and made it impossible for the rest of the show to continue. Those in attendance endured gaps in communication and Ghost say they were entangled in "legalese" while working with the venue to get the word out.

Earlier that day, Ghost expressed concern about the incoming weather forecast "as the stage has a very small roof and nothing covering the sides." However, after being "assured" that the weather wouldn't be an issue, "so we pressed ahead with all the show setup/preparations."

"Unlike CCNB, most outdoor concert venues have a large roof over the stage to safeguard all the sound and lighting equipment from inclement weather, as well as a roof over the audience to protect our fans. Yesterday we were all subject to no cover and the bad weather," the statement continues.

During load-in, rain came in, which resulted in malfunctioning equipment. Despite this, Ghost's capable crew worked with haste to repair the damage and get everything show-ready again.

Once the heavy rain rolled in during Amon Amarth's set and rendered "key components" of Ghost's production inoperable, a decision was made to cancel the remainder of the show.

"We insisted the venue/promoter explain IMMEDIATELY to all our fans that were patiently waiting to be let back into the venue but we were met with legalese," the statement claims, noting that "it would take 2-3 days at a minimum for us to replace the electronic equipment to perform any show."

Ghost lamented the fact that they would not be able to perform in Simpsonville today (Aug. 31) as a makeup date for what happened on Aug. 29.

Read the entire statement below.

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A WYFF News 4 report out of Greenville, South Carolina captured the fan perspective of how the night unfolded, underscoring confusion as to whether or not Ghost were going to be able to perform that night.

At around 8PM, fans were informed the show had been canceled, and 45 minutes later a post on social media appeared, indicating that the night was "on hold" and would "likely open back up." At 9:45PM, setup was reinitiated and it was another two hours before fans received official word that the concert was indeed canceled.

WYFF News 4 Report on Ghost Concert Cancelation in South Carolina

The next tour stop is Sept. 2 in Texas, so hopefully Ghost's equipment will be fully operational and the tour can continue through it's Sept. 12 conclusion in Los Angeles. See the remaining dates here.

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